Axeze are market leaders in operator wristband logon systems for POS, and also provide many complementary solutions that are suited to POS such as cash drawer control by wristband, POS wristbands unlocking fridge doors and general computer or physical, (door), access control. Their products are well suited to installations of all sizes.


Company Profile:


Axeze was developed and launched during the 1990’s when the owners recognised a need for hands free entry into properties specifically for the aged and disabled.


Axeze launched its first product in 1999. The KES is a standalone unit that enables up to 1000 people access through a single access point using a transponder (card or keyring tag). The database can be managed using the KEMS software, or a Master Programming Card can be used to add and delete tags.


Launched in 2000, the KEP product ranges provide fast, hands-free, sign on and sign off capabilities to POS equipment in the food and beverage market. Products in the range have sometimes paid for themselves within days but more normally within months of installation. Operating in conjunction with a wristband tag, staff are more accountable, stock control is tightened but the greatest results are from faster, more accurate processing of sales.


Axeze has concentrated on developing the most powerful network system available in the world, so rather than build early distribution channels, funds were directed to Research and Development.  The results are the KEN (hardware) with NMS software, a 16 channel digital I/O, Time and Attendance, Lift Control, Graphic User Interface (with challenge and response for security when online), and ethernet connectivity.


Generally limitations in the Axeze product are imposed by the computer operating system. This is a distributed system that allows hundreds of networks to be seamlessly integrated into the one system.


The networks can be located anywhere in the world and managed from the one single site using the highly secure Graphic User Interface.


Axeze policy has been to develop systems that enable potential clients to use one tag for a variety of tasks and sites. Security of the tag has been very important so although Axeze can read most Weigand tags, a proprietary system was developed. The 2 64 format offers literally billions of different tag permutations, and best of all, cards have the codes embedded at manufacture, and the Controllers have been designed to accept read only tags.  Read/write controllers and Weigand controllers are available upon request.


The natural adaptability and flexibility of Axeze allows the range of products to be integrated with almost any system.  For example Axeze has a high level interface with Clipsal’s C-Bus, Base Page and IQ Home to name a few, and low level interfaces with many other products.


There are many opportunities for Axeze products - it only requires imagination.  They can be integrated to provide the code or service whenever you want to turn on, off, or control access to anything.  This could be controlling plant and equipment, controlling access to cash registers or even access to fridge doors.




Axeze has won several awards since its inception including:
• Best New Industry Innovation in the Aged Care Awards
• Design Citation, Design Institute of Australia
• Commendation for Engineering Excellence by Institute of Engineers Australia
• Finalist Hong Kong Export of Goods Award
• Recommendation for Customer Service Excellence