Designed and manufactured in the USA – UltimaCase by AGORA Edge has been the leading global designer and manufacturer of cases and solutions for the mobile computing industry since 1985. Our USA based design and manufacturing team has been using state of the art design and production to develop cutting edge solutions for over 30 years for the mobile computing and ADC industries. We have solutions for all industries including logistics, route sales, inventory management, healthcare, manufacturing & industrial, warehouse, field mobility, retail and many more industries.

Headquartered in St Petersburg, FL USA, our manufacturing and design team has global resources available, if necessary.

Our Customer Commitment Is:

Creative Design and Innovation – Our Design and Manufacturing Team combined has more than 120 years of experience with multiple material options, state-of-the-art machinery, and cutting-edge designs to collaboratively provide your ultimate solution.

Quality and Performance – extensive design options based on real world and internal testing, materials specified for unique applications, combined with state-of-the art machines and manufacturing, provide the solutions you need.

Service and Support – we are proud of our customers and many have been with us for over 25 years. Whether a new product or a new application, we value long-term partnerships and continue to provide solutions year after year. Responsiveness and Excellence in Customer Service are the foundation of our Core Values.

Ultimacase provide an unparalleled selection of products and are releasing new cases very regularly.

Have an unusual requirement? If Ultimacae don't already have a solution, they will design one, and with minimal quantity requirements.

Their products include:
- Mobile Computer Holsters, (Belt, Strap and Retractor types)
- Tablet Holsters
- Wall Mounts
- Forklift Holders
- Stainless Steel Holders
- Antimicrobial Healthcare Cases - Face Protect OP Cases (For protecting the screen)
- RoutePads
- Wearable Cases
- Heated or Insulated Cases
- Sun Visor Cases (For reducing on screen glare)

And much more.