Aniluin Appointed Axeze Distributor

26th August 2014

Aniluin are proud to announce that they have been appointed as a distributor of Axeze products.

Axeze are the market leaders in RFID wristband based operator logon devices in POS, as well as providing access control solutions for stand alone applications, large networked installations and much more. Axeze's solutions have options for various forms of RFID such as their wristbands, key fobs and cards, as well as fingerprint recognition and facial recognition.

While for our industry the obvious products aretheir POS operator logon devices, there are many cases where access control that is integrated with the same RFID wristbands is a great solution. They also have a specialised device to open a cash drawer using the same wristbands.

To get a full overview of their product range please refer to their latest corporate brochure that can be found here - We will have their wristband readers available through our site, but we are able to supply any of their product range.