Mio Tablets Have Arrived

Mio's designed for business Tablets are now available from Aniluin!

Featuring a host of features not available in consumer grade products, the Mio Tablets are ideally suited to applications like Healthcare, stocktaking, asset tracking, document tracking, hand held ordering and much more. Mio has a notable variety of models with a wide range of features.

The features change depending on the model, but the following are some features that are available:

- Conveniently size 5.88" or large 10.1" screens - 1m or 1.2m drop rating

- Daylight viewable screen - Optional integrated 1D Laser or 2D Imager barcode scanner

- Rapid charging drop in cradle (6 slot cradle available on some models)

- Hot swappable batteries, and spare battery charging in the cradle

- Disinfectant ready finish for infection control in healthcare

Mio operates under two brands. MioWork for general purpose devices and MioCare for Healthcare focused products.

You can read more about MioWork here - www.aniluin.com/brands/show-detail.html and MioCare here - www.aniluin.com/brands/show-detail.html?id=216 You can view these products under the Tablet product category here - www.aniluin.com/product/show-product-front.html