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  • Product Id : 99-147A001-0004
  • Interface : USB+Serial+Parallel+Ethernet
  • Model : TTP-2410MU
  • Color : Black/Silver
  • Warranty : 24 Months

TSC s upgraded TTP-2410MU die-cast aluminium label printer is designed to meet the most demanding bar-coding and identification requirements offering more standard features than any comparable printer at a very affordable price.

The TTP-2410MU boasts a print speed up to 14 ips the the fastest throughput of any printer in its class. With its combination of speed and durability the TTP-2410MU is ideal for mission-critical printing applications either on-demand or batch.

TTP-2410MU standard features include internal Ethernet USB 2.0 Serial Parallel and USB Host for scanner or keyboard connectivity 128 MB SDRAM 128 MB Flash memory and an SD memory-card slot for inexpensively adding up to 4 GB of additional Flash storage.


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