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Thermal Receipt Printers

When looking at stock levels of receipt printers, please keep in mind that we are able to convert interfaces on Epson TM-T88VIs by changing interface cards or add an extra interface to Bixolon models except the Q300 series and SRP-330II to add additional interfaces.

With the recent addition of Bixolon to our range, we have quite a wide range of models to choose from. Here are the key models:

Epson TM-T20 - 160mm/sec, choice of Serial or USB or Ethernet interface.

Bixolon SRP-330II - 220mm/sec, Serial, USB and Ethernet all built in.

Epson TM-M30 - Very compact, 200mm/sec, USB+Ethernet, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options.

Bixolon SRP-Q300 - Very compact, 220mm/sec, USB+Ethernet, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. Matching tablet stand and customer display, battery powered version and peripheral hub version also available.

Nexa PX-900 - 300mm/sec with Serial, USB and Ethernet all built in.

Bixolon SRP-350III and SRP-350PlusIII - 250mm/sec and 300mm/sec traditional shape receipt printers. SRP-350III has USB + a choice of interface cards, SRP-350PlusIII has USB+Ethernet and adds BT and Wi-Fi options via interface cards.

Epson TM-T88VI - 350mm/sec traditional shape receipt printer, (does it need an introduction?), USB+Serial+Ethernet plus wireless options.

As always, if you'd like advice on the best printer model for an application please feel free to call us.

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