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Thermal Ribbons

  • 108mmx80m wax/resin for Cognitive

    Product Code:M5200U30781NC

    Thermal Wax/Resin Ribbon 108mm x 80m suitable for Cognitive printers

  • 110MMX110M WAX RESIN 0.5"

    Product Code:M4200S30742N

    Suits TSC TTP-244CE/245C/343C. Longer ribbon length for TSC desktops only.

  • 110MMX300M WAX RESIN 1" CORE

    Product Code:M4200S70120

    Suits TSC TTP-245 / TTP-247 / TTP-343 / TTP-345 / TA210.

  • 110MMX70M WAX RESIN 0.5"

    Product Code:M4200S30187NC

    Suits TSC TTP-244CE/245C/343C and Zebra TLP2844/3844/3842/GK/GX420t series.

  • 55MM X 70M WAX RESIN .5" CR 2"

    Product Code:M4200S3C352N

    Suits Zebra TLP2824 series. 55mm wide 70m long Wax Resin ribbon with 0.5" Core. On 2" wide core to

  • 55MM X 70M WAX RESIN .5" CR 4"

    Product Code:M4200SC262N

    Suits TSC TTP-244CE/245C/343C/TC200 and Zebra TLP2844/3844/3842/GK/GX420t series.