CipherLab 9700 Android Product Release

Aniluin and CipherLab are pleased to introduce the new 9700A mobile computer, an extension of the CipherLab 9700 series, running on the Android operating system to enable Android applications in warehousing, distribution centers and other industries.

With impressive levels of ruggedness, a wide variety of scanner options and other options and accessories all at a surprising price point, the 9700 series has grown to be a significant product in the Australian market in warehouse applications and across other industries also.

To meet the growing demand for Android-based mobile devices, the new 9700A features the recent Android 6.0 operating system, simplifying software migration and development compared to older operating systems. It also inherits all the features from the existing Windows based models as it uses an identical case and keypad so no user retraining is required to migrate between the devices.

The 9700A is thoughtfully built to deliver a responsive user experience on the Android platform. To ensure peak performance the internals of the 9700A have been completely revamped specifically to deal with the more demanding requirements of recent Android operating systems. It uses a 2 GHz Cortex A53 Octa-core CPU and 16 GB eMMC memory to enable the most demanding of applications, and also has a high performance implementation of the recent 802.11 ac dual band Wi-Fi giving reliable wireless communication.

The 9700A is more than just a device, it fits into an entire ecosystem. It works well with industry standard software tools such as SOTI MobiControl, Wavelink TE and Velocity as well as CipherLab's own terminal emulation client, App-lock for locking down the device and much more. It also has a full range of accessories such as pistol grip, single and multi bay cradles, multi bay battery charger and forklift mounts.

Backed up with service plans for up to 5 years comprehensive warranty with fast SLA backed turn around times, the 9700A is the complete hardware platform for smart rugged mobile applications.

About CipherLab:
CipherLab was founded in 1988 in Taipei, Taiwan. Publicly traded since 2002, CipherLab has established branch offices in the United States, The Netherlands and China and has around 300 staff, of which 150 are engineers.

CipherLab has grown in recent years from being well known for their barcode scanner range, (over 2 million manufactured), and proprietary operating system mobile computers, (over 500,000 manufactured), to being a strong and growing force of Windows and Android enterprise mobile computers.

CipherLab customers include Foxconn, Huawei, Volkswagon, Fiat, Adidas, Unilever, AVIS, Versace, AC Nielsen, Harley Davidson and many more.