Windows OS

We provide a diverse range of mobile computers that are used across a myriad of environments, such as warehousing and logistics, retail, field service, healthcare and much more.

The devices we provide can sometimes be available in hundreds or even more than a thousand different configurations, so it can be somewhat daunting to identify the exact variant that is most suitable for your application. In fact there are many hundreds of configurations not listed here, so please don't hesitate to contact our sales team for advice with product selection.

While we have many devices, for Windows we recommend either the Point Mobile PM60 for a compact multi purpose device, or the CipherLab 9700 for a warehousing device.

If you are looking for a new mobile computing device to supply, we recommend discussing it with us so we can make recommend the best device for the application.

For mobility applications please note that we supply devices in a range of form factors and operating systems such as:
Rugged Windows Tablets from Hisense
Android Rugged Mobile Computers
Proprietary O/S devices from CipherLab
Mobile Receipt/Label Printers from TSC

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