Please note that CAS have local stock in Australia, (in Brisbane), so if a scale isn't in stock we are usually able to source and supply them very quickly.

Also, please note that these scales are typically used in commercial situations where goods are weighed for sale. Under these circumstances they must be calibrated and certified before they are used. All stand alone CAS scales that are in stock below have this process already done, so accordingly when ordering these scales from our stock the stock item using the code of "stamping" must also be ordered. For scales such as the PD-II, which can link to a Pos system, the certification must be done on site, and relates to the Pos system it is used with, so our stock is not pre-certified, nor are we able to perform the certification process before shipment.

For scales not in stock, or when prior arrangements are made, we may be able to source them without this process performed. Please enquire with us if you wish to purchase them without stamping.

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